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Edward Ardizzone

The artist Edward Ardizzone had a prolific 50-year career, during which he was a war artist, teacher, printmaker and muralist as well as an illustrator of nearly 200 books.
With little formal training, he attended evening classes at the Westminster School of Art under Walter Bayes and Bernard Meninsky. He was later appointed tutor in etching at the Royal College of Art in 1943 and was awarded a CBE.

In 1930, his brother David rented a house in Kingsdown, near Deal, Kent, which Ardizzone used as inspiration for the home of Tim’s parents in the Little Tim books, the first of which was Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain. Published in 1935, it was a runaway success on both sides of the Atlantic.

As well as being inspired by Deal’s beaches and sea, he painted a picture of pub-goers in the Saracen’s Head, which is now on display at the Beaney Museum in Canterbury. In the mid-1970’s, Ardizzone bought 4 Golden Street, Deal, now marked by a commemorative plaque on the exterior. He died, aged 79, in Rodmersham Green, Kent.

Do you remember Edward Ardizzone when he visited Deal? We’d love to hear any recollections…

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Recollections of Deal: the tiny book

Blink and you’d miss it, but hidden in one of the cabinets in the Local History Gallery is a tiny book in a bad way.
Recollections of Deal measures just 6cm x 5cm (2.3 inches x 1.9 inches), holds 17 images and was published in 1889 as part of a series of illustrated guides to tourist spots around the country. The images were originally published larger, but reducing their size and binding them in this way made the book the perfect souvenir for Victorian visitors.

Recollections Of Deal in its current poor state of repair. The pages below have been digitally restored.
Recollections of Deal: Walmer Castle, Looking South
Recollections of Deal: The beach, looking North
Recollections of Deal: The beach, looking North
Recollections of Deal: The Pier
Recollections of Deal: The Pier
Recollections of Deal: Entrance to Deal Pier
Recollections of Deal: The Pier, Deal, looking East
Recollections of Deal: Deal Castle
Recollections of Deal: St. Leonard’s Church, Upper Deal
Recollections of Deal: North Barracks, Deal
Recollections of Deal: St. Saviour’s Church, Walmer
Recollections of Deal: Walmer Church
Recollections of Deal: Walmer Castle
Recollections of Deal: Walmer Castle
Recollections of Deal
Recollections of Deal