Terms & Conditions

General principles

Any details about living individuals are held securely, only available to those officers of the Museum who need to access them and in accordance with data protection legislation. Those details will never be passed to any other organisation except specific cases described below.
We will not make public anyone’s association with the Museum without their specific consent.
You may apply to us to have personal information about you removed from our records using the contact information at the end of this page.


Data about access to pages on our websites is collected for statistical analysis. That data is anonymous so does not contain any personal data about you.

Email and correspondence

If you correspond with us by email or in writing, we will keep that correspondence for a reasonable period to ensure that it is dealt with.
If that correspondence contains information of historical importance, we will store that information in our archives but redact any unrelated personal details.

Social media

If you choose to follow us on social media, the fact that you do so may appear in your profile – whether that is the case depends on your settings and which social media service you are using. We will not publicise the fact that you are following us.

Electronic Newsletter

You may subscribe to our email newsletter either by using the sign-up form or by becoming a Friend of the Museum. Your details will be held by our mailing provider, Mailchimp, in accordance with their Privacy Policy.


Data about visitors to the Museum is collected for statistical analysis. That data is anonymous so does not contain any personal data about you.

We may operate CCTV and other security measures, any information collected will only used for the purposes of the security and safety of the Museum.


If you become a Friend of the Museum we ask for your name, address and email address in order to keep in touch with you. We also ask you to provide a telephone number in case there is any query about your support. If you become a lifetime Friend we will offer you the opportunity to be publicly listed as such in the Museum.


If you become a volunteer with the Museum we ask for your name, address email address and telephone number in order to keep in touch with you.

Financial donations

If you make a donation to the Museum, including becoming a Friend, you will be asked to make a ‘Gift Aid’ declaration. If you do so, that information will be shared with HM Revenue and Customs for the purpose of collecting the Gift Aid.

Artefact and archive donations

If you donate an object or archive material to the Museum, we ask you to complete an object entry form which details the conditions under which the donation is made and as a record of ownership. We keep these forms to identify the history of the donation and the forms are not used for any other purpose.


Our exhibitions may contain details of persons (living or dead), we will only include such details as are already in the public domain or for which we have specific consent.

Contact information

Deal Maritime and Local History Museum is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales number 1168344 and may be contacted in writing at 22 St George’s Road, Deal, Kent CT14 6BA or by email at .